June 9, 2022
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10 items perfect for selling with Mercari Local

Skip the hassle of shipping large items. Mercari local makes it easy! Here are 10 items you could list locally today.

Team Mercari

We all know that selling bulky or heavy items online has its challenges. Between packaging and shipping the item, it can take a pretty penny and plenty of elbow grease. Luckily, Mercari Local makes it easy when you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship a heavy package. Almost any item less than 50 pounds can be sold locally. Once the item sells, just box or bag it then wait for Uber or FedEx SameDay® City to pick it up. Once the shopper rates the transaction, you’ll get paid. Easy, right?

Ready to get started? Here are 10 bulky items you may have right now that are perfect for listing on Mercari Local. 

1. Sewing machine

Whether your hemming days are over or you’re looking to update your equipment, selling your sewing machine will be that much easier when you skip the shipping and list it locally. 

2. Record player

Treating yourself to an upgrade in home entertainment? Offset the cost of a new record player (or even speakers or a small TV) by selling your old one. As long as it can fit in a 45" x 35" x 15" space, Mercari Local is a great way to turn it into money fast without the cost of a bulky delivery.

3. Table lamp

Shipping large items like lamps is always a pain. List it locally and skip the endless bubble wrap. You just have to pack it securely enough to make it through a short car ride. 

4. Toy bundles

All those loose toys your little one has grown out of can go to a new home in one swoop by listing them as a bundle. Selling them locally will make packaging a breeze, too. Just box and go. 

5. Computer monitor

Upgrade your home office space with a new monitor while making a little extra money by selling the preloved one. Be sure to box this one–it’s pretty fragile. But you’ll still save a ton in shipping costs. 

6. Coffee maker

Kitchen appliances like these can cost a fortune to ship. Plus they have all kinds of accessories that can be complicated to pack. If yours weighs fewer than 50 pounds, you’re in business. 

7. Gym weights

We all get into short-lived fitness crazes and there’s no shame in clearing your space of equipment you don’t use. And you’ll make some money back on your investment. Remember to make sure your package doesn't exceed 50 pounds.

8. Gaming consoles

Your old console collecting dust will sell in no time on Mercari Local. From Commodore 64s to Segas and Nintendos, giving old games new life is popular on Mercari. However, we recommend dusting it before packing. ;)

9. Small BBQ

If you’re selling before summer, BBQs will be in high demand. Give yours a new home while making space for a tricked out upgrade. And if you’ve got BBQ tools you aren’t using, add those to your listing to sweeten the deal.

10. Skateboard

Long, bulky, and perfect for summer selling. Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, and razor scooters ship in a snap with Mercari Local.

Have you sold with Mercari Local lately? Tell us about your experience on Twitter at @mercari_app! 

Happy listing!

Team Mercari ✌️