March 3, 2023
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Seller Stories: Emily T. on how to sell kids’ gear and household goods

Mercari sellers share how they got started, what they love about buying and selling preloved, and their top tips for new sellers.

Team Mercari

Welcome to the first installment in our series of Seller Stories! In this series, we get to hear from Mercari sellers about their unique experiences using the platform and their tips for making the most of Mercari. Today, meet Emily T. of AT’s Closet, a 5-star seller with over 370 sales. She talks about why and how she got started selling, what she loves about buying and selling preloved, and her top tips for new sellers.

Getting her start

Mercari: So, what brought you to Mercari?

Emily: I've been a member of the platform since the fall of 2020. Like many others, I was going a bit stir crazy after many months of lockdowns and social distancing measures. I recall seeing a Mercari commercial on TV and making the connection that we had many baby items, clothes, and other household goods to pass on, after having our last kiddo earlier that year, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

I started listing items and was astounded by the almost immediate success that I had. And the rest they say, is history!

Growing up in a household where my mom was an avid recycler, and also a thrifty reseller of children's items that me and my siblings no longer needed, selling on Mercari is practically bred into me. I love finding second (or third, or fourth) homes for perfectly good and often beloved items that have been part of our lives, instead of them ending up in a landfill. In turn, my profits help fund purchases for next size up clothing and goods for my two kids – a win-win all around!

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Mercari: Why Mercari versus other platforms?

Emily: The app is so easy to use! Plus there are no fees to list items, the sales fee structure is reasonable, and the wide choice of shipping options/speeds/pricing is better than what I've seen on competitor platforms.

I always love when buyers reach out to me via chat and are really excited about an item. I once had a buyer who was looking to replace a beloved baby blanket, and I happened to have the closest alternative she could find. Other times it's just a simple message of "My kid will absolutely love this!" Totally makes my day.

Mercari: What do you sell the most of, and do you have any tips for new sellers?

Emily: The vast majority of my sales are items my kids have outgrown; mainly clothes, toys & baby/kid gear. I love knowing these items will live on, and have more great adventures with other awesome kiddos like they did with mine.

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I try to research similar items within the platform in order to price my items accordingly, and often use the "sell similar" feature to autofill product details into my listings.

Tip 1: Just jump in and try it! You can easily learn as you go. 

Tip 2: Try to get as accurate of a shipping weight as possible on your listings, especially if you're selling frequently (either look up the original item online to find the weight, and/or invest in a postage scale). Things can surprise you with their true weight (both bigger AND smaller), and choosing shipping based on actual vs. estimated weights will save both you and your buyers money and make your listings more attractive to buyers! 

Tip 3: The first offer on a listing is almost always your best (and sometimes only) offer. I've admittedly learned that lesson the hard way!

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Mercari: Have you ever run into any challenges in selling?

Emily: My biggest challenge would be managing buyer expectations. The vast majority of folks are absolutely wonderful and  reasonable, but I've still had a few transactions where expectations were misaligned on either my ship times or the product itself. As such, I try to take thorough photos and do an equally thorough description of my items so that everything is represented to buyers as clearly as possible. I also strive to communicate any delays that may occur with ship times so that everyone's on the same page with a transaction, and I can continue my streak with 5 star buyer reviews.

Mercari: 5 stars - awesome! Anything you’d share with someone who’s never shopped or sold on Mercari?

Emily: I also love the platform for finding special or specific things that we need, too. The app is easy to use, and the fee structure and array of shipping options are far and away much better than any competitor platforms, if you ask me. And if you ask my husband, he'll tell you I'm Mercari obsessed, and well, he wouldn't be lying. Thanks, Mercari!

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