March 6, 2022
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5 easy tips to cut the clutter this spring

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming! If you're in the mood to cut the clutter but don't know where to start, we're here with expert tips to help you clear your space and your mind ... and make some money while you're at it.

Team Mercari

Looking to downsize or declutter this season? It’s more beneficial than you may think. In 2011, neuroscience researchers found that people experienced increased focus, cognitive function, and productivity after organizing their living and work spaces.

Nearly 64% of people polled in the Mercari Reuse Report have sold at least one item secondhand over the last year. We’ve got some great tips to make the process less overwhelming and maybe even put a little extra cash in your pocket by selling your pre-loved items on Mercari. 

Kitchen countertop with plates, tea kettle, and utensils/Credit: Ron Lach
Cluttered kitchen countertop / Ron Lach

1. Start small

While your garage or closet may be nagging at you, we suggest starting small. Give your kitchen cabinets a once-over and ask yourself, “When was the last time we used those extra cutting boards and mixing bowls?” Or maybe you got a gift that had you saying, “You shouldn’t have.”

Pro Tip: List it with  Mercari Local – locally delivered!

Take stock of the little things – the items cluttering your bookcase, bathroom counters, etc. Start with what you see the most in your day-to-day and save the heavy digging for when you’ve built some momentum. 

2. Invest in organizers

Lots of stuff you want to keep that doesn’t have a home? We can’t stress enough the power of organizers (especially if you have kids). Find everything from vintage kitchen storage to colorful bins on Mercari.

Pro Tip: Try under-bed organizers to keep less-used items out of sight.
Woman browsing clothes on hangers/Credit: Becca McHaffie
Woman going through clothes in closet / Becca Mchaffie

3. Conquer your closet

Now that you’ve started at the surface, power onto bigger projects. But remember to take it one step at a time. Approach downsizing your closet from top to bottom or left to right to stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed. Or maybe start with accessories or jewelry first and then tackle your shoes. 

Pro Tip: When hanging your clothes after wearing or washing them, point the hanger in a different direction. Next month, you’ll know what you’ve worn and what you haven’t, so you can prioritize which pieces to keep or list on Mercari in the future.

4. Start sorting

Now, let’s get things sorted. Grab four bins (or heck, just bags) to help you sort the things you don’t want to keep, and label them List, Donate, Recycle, and Trash. Keep in mind that even items with wear and tear can still sell and stay out of landfills, especially if they are top brands. 

Pro Tip: If you’ve got a bunch of clothes to list, make it easy on yourself! Pick a few items in the same size/category (XL shirts, for example) and list them together as one bundle or “lot.”

Anything that isn’t likely to sell but could still be reworn/reused might go into Donate – certain thrift shops accept drop-offs, or search for a local non-profit who might even pick up from you. Then, recycle or dispose of anything that isn’t reusable. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff, check out haul-away services to help you manage it all.

Athletic sneakers/Credit: Matthew Dagelet
Pair of black, white, and orange sneakers / Matthew Dagelet

5. List top-sellers ASAP

Now that you have an impressive pile of pre-loved goods ready to list, prioritize them to find new homes fast! Here’s a quick cheat sheet of items that sell well on Mercari at most any time of year:

You got this! Spruce up for spring. Remember that it’s about progress, not perfection. Mercari is with you every step of the way.