March 31, 2022
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6 ways to optimize your Mercari listings

Looking to boost your sales? Start with these 6 online selling tips to optimize your listings on Mercari.

Team Mercari

Items not selling as quickly as you’d like? We’ve got you. Optimizing your listings so they surface higher in search results is key – here are 6 ways to help your stuff get seen and sold, just in time for holiday gift giving.

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Nailing the item title is key! You don’t have to get creative here – stick with the basics and summarize the item in 80 characters. For example, if you’re listing a plushie, include the brand and type of animal, and even the color and size. Consider including relevant descriptive search buzzwords like ‘vintage,’ ‘antique,’ ‘rare,’ ‘new,’ or ‘limited edition.’ For example, “NEW Large Pink Squishmallow Butterfly” is a better title than “Stuffed Animal Butterfly.”

If you can’t fit all the details into the title, don’t worry – you still have plenty of room in the description for details.


When selling on Mercari, the more information the better. You have 1,000 characters to accurately and thoroughly describe your item. Keep these tips in mind:

- Add any details you didn’t cover with the title, such as size, measurements, and additional colors, prints, or textures.

- If relevant, explain how the item will be packaged for shipping to give the shopper peace of mind.

- Shoppers also look for items marked as NWT (new with tags), NOS (new old stock – something that’s older but in original packaging) or in original packaging so include those terms if applicable.

- Always be transparent about your item’s condition. Wear and tear is no big deal as long as the shopper is expecting it – and being honest up front is a great way to avoid items being returned.


Many shoppers on Mercari like to browse product categories instead of typing in a specific search. To make sure your stuff gets seen, make sure to choose the most relevant category. Not sure which to pick? Search Mercari for similar items and see how others categorized their items.


Even if your item isn’t a big name brand, include the actual brand name in your listing. You never know who might be looking for it! Remember to be accurate and honest. Listings with false information could be flagged and removed.


Hashtags help shoppers find similar items to ones they’re currently browsing, and you’ve got three to use for every listing. Since you’ve already included a title and detailed description with the specifics of your item, use your three tags to supplement rather than repeat what you’ve already written. For instance, if you’ve got ‘Woman’s Black/White Nike Crop Top’ in your title, use hashtags like: #sportswear #athleisure and #streetwear to get your items seen by more people.

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You don’t have to be a semi-pro to take great photos, and great photos really help make a listing shine. Keep in mind that you must take photos of your item in order to list it –  using photos from other websites is prohibited. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive blog on how to take great photos, but here are some quick tips:

- Use that light – Don’t just rely on a flash. Make the room bright and shoot near lamps and windows to make sure everyone can see the details of your item.
- Less background is more – your pre-loved item is the real star here, so don’t distract from it with a busy background.
- Zoom in on details – people want to know about things like labels, unique aspects of the item, or specifics about the condition. Take shots that show detail.
- Keep it steady – avoid blurred shots by steading your hand against something solid (a chair or a wall) or better yet, a basic tripod can really help.

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Optimize your listings and let’s get stuff sold!