January 25, 2022
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6 ways we’ve simplified selling

Making some extra money and extra space in your home is easier than you think with Mercari. Here's how.

Team Mercari

Whether you’re decluttering your home or looking to make some money, selling your stuff on Mercari is fast and easy. From label-free shipping to bulk pricing edits, here are a few ways Mercari makes selling a breeze:

1. Get paid instantly

Nobody likes waiting for payment! When you have a balance, you can cash out with Instant Pay for just $2 and get paid within minutes. Cha-ching.

Learn about Instant Pay

2. Promote or Offer to sell it faster

With Promote, you reduce the price by 5% and we’ll boost your listing and notify anyone who liked your item that you’ve lowered the price. Or, use Offer to give a discount just to people who’ve liked your item.

Learn about how to promote listings

3. Pricing edits are easier than ever

On, now you can change multiple listing prices all at once! In your profile, go to My Listings, update the price(s) you want, and click save. You can also update the price from the individual item’s listing.

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4. Authenticate your Luxe items in a snap

With Mercari Authenticate, get your designer items authenticated in the app in just 48 hours. Authenticated items get a diamond badge, and are automatically boosted and seen by more buyers.

Learn more about Authenticate

5. No meetups or address exchange for local selling

Mercari Local is a great option for selling fragile, bulky items you don’t want to ship. There’s no awkward meetup or address exchange – our delivery partner will pick up and drop off your item, in a bag, a box, or whatever you’ve got on-hand.

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6. Skip the label with a QR code

When you use a UPS or USPS prepaid label, there’s no need for a printer – after your item sells, we’ll give you a QR code on your Order Status page. Just take your package to a USPS Post Office or UPS store, show the QR code on your phone, and they’ll scan it and ship your package off. Done!

Learn how to ship with QR Codes

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