September 9, 2022
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Boost your sales: 10 top tips for selling clothes on Mercari

Conquering your closet while making some extra money is easier than you think with these tried-and-true tips on selling your pre-loved and never-worn clothing with Mercari.

Team Mercari

There are plenty of reasons to sell your pre-loved and never-worn clothing online. Whether you want to conquer your closet or make room for new styles or sizes, selling clothes on Mercari is a great way to turn your excess wardrobe into extra money while keeping textiles out of landfills. If the task feels overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve got tips to help you streamline the process, make sales, and get paid quickly. 

1. Start with the season

When getting ready to list clothes on Mercari, focus on those that are in season or about to become in season. For example, list swimwear towards the end of spring and warm coats at the end of fall. This will help you prioritize what to list first and what to set aside for later. 

Timesaver tip: Consider selling bundles of clothing in the same size/style, rather than creating individual listings. For instance, photograph 3 pairs of jeans in the same size and sell them together as one listing.

2. Let’s talk about scents

Many people who shop pre-loved clothes online are sensitive to scents and are quick to ask if your household is pet- or smoke-free. Save them the time by indicating that info on the product listing. If your clothes do have a slight odor, try washing them in scent-free detergent before shipping. Skip the perfume/cologne – your buyer may not like the scent.

Measuring tape around coat's waist / Rafif Al Hashmi

3. Measure up

Many shoppers ask about sizing. Instead of including a size chart or letting the shopper rely on number sizing (which we know can be inconsistent), take a couple minutes to include exact measurements. Length, bust, waist, inseam, size … you may even want to include a pic of the tag that shows the size. Also include the materials if possible (cotton, polyester, etc), and note whether or not the fabric has stretch. This helps shoppers to determine if your clothes will work for them.

4. Tag trends and seasons

We’ve mentioned before how important it is to optimize your listing with hashtags. When it comes to secondhand clothes, tagging the season (#springfashion) and relevant trends (#boho) can help your item’s visibility. Since you’ve already included the basics of your item in the title and description, use your three hashtags as additional descriptors to help drive more shoppers to your stuff.

Woman in rust colored dress/Credit: RODNAE Productions
Woman in rust colored dress / RODNAE Productions

5. Be your own model

While it’s important to include photos from multiple angles (front, back, close-ups), nothing helps clothes sell more than photos of them being worn. Have someone snap some shots of you or a mannequin wearing the items, set up a tripod, or even a simple mirror selfie will do – for privacy, it's a good idea to keep your face out of the photo, and best to use a mannequin for kids’ clothes.

6. Find the right price

Not sure how to price your item? Mercari will recommend a price based on sales of similar items to make pricing simple. You can also turn on Smart Pricing, which allows you to choose a floor price (the least amount of money you will accept for the item). Over time, Mercari will automatically reduce your price and promote the listing so it reappears in search results. This will happen until the floor price is reached or the item sells, whichever comes first.

7. Respond quickly

Shoppers appreciate quick communication. Shortly after receiving their order, send a quick thank-you message letting them know when you’ll ship the item so they know when to expect it – and be sure to ship within 3 business days from the date it was purchased. 

Thank-you note sent from Mercari seller to buyer

“This buyer left a review that really warmed my heart,” said Marie. “I guess including colorful tissue paper and a handwritten note in my shipment makes a difference!”

8. Add finishing touches

Wrapping your item in decorative tissue paper and including a thank-you note are nice touches that shoppers appreciate. This simple act can boost your ratings and could encourage your customer to shop with you again. Marie, a Mercari employee and seller, recently got a 5-star review with “best seller ever!” when her buyer received this note in her package:

9. Ship quickly

Once you've packed your clothes, shipping is a breeze! Mercari has lots of options to make this easy. Our prepaid labels can save you up to 63% off retail carrier rates, and you can get it sent straight to your inbox with tracking and up to $200 in shipping protection included. And, for eligible carriers, you don't even have to print it out! Use a QR code and skip that step entirely. You can also enable Mercari Local for any and all listings, for local delivery.

10. Give prompt feedback

Everything went well? Let the buyer know by rating them quickly and leaving a nice comment so others can see you had a good transaction. Your buyer will appreciate the love and it’ll help others feel confident in selling to them, too.

Do you have any tried and true tips on selling secondhand clothes? Tweet us at @mercari_app and let us know.

Happy listing!