June 14, 2022
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Preloved toys kids will love… that won't break the bank

Check out these ideas for classic toys, collections, arts & crafts and more

Team Mercari

Kids grow up fast, and along the way, they definitely go through stuff really fast. From clothes to gear to toys, it can be tough for parents – and our pocketbooks – to keep up. Luckily, keeping up doesn’t need to be expensive. More and more people are selling preloved kids items on Mercari, connecting them to a home that’s looking to love them.

As a budget-conscious mom, I love giving unused toys a new lease on life by giving them a new home.

Here are some ideas to inspire fun, preloved toy purchases and your kid’s creativity, while keeping your budget intact. And if you want more inspiration on clearing out some space and how to list toys, check our article on tips & tricks for selling preloved toys.

1. Classic toys never go out of style

Those toys you played with as a kid were fun for a reason, and that fun stands the test of time. Try introducing the more-than-meets-the-eye awesomeness of Transformers, the even more retro Fisher-Price record players, or that most red haired of dolls, Strawberry Shortcake.

2. Start a collection

Many kids get the collecting bug at some point, and Mercari is a treasure trove for collectors young and old. From the Squishmallow and ever-enduring Funko craze to scratch-’n-sniff stickers and Pokemon cards, you can ramp up a collection in no time.

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3. Try toys that aren’t toys

Some of the most fun toys my kids have played with weren’t actually toys at all. Kitchen gear can be used in so many ways, from spoons, measuring cups, and pots to use in sandboxes to a colander for a helmet. Are they big into building forts? Stock up on inexpensive blankets, sheets and pillows that can be kept separate from your regular household linens. Need more inspo? Check out lots of easy fort-making ideas here.

4. Load up on arts & crafts

I’ve lost track of the amount of projects my kids make when they play, and I find it’s always helpful to have stuff on hand. Grab some cardboard boxes and safety scissors and load up on paint, yarn, colorful shoelaces and glitter glue and other craft items and let your kids’ creativity take off.

Photo credit: RODNAE Productions

5. Musical instruments of all shapes and sizes

If your kids are into making music, let ‘em make the band, too. For younger kids, you can find all sorts of instruments on Mercari – from tambourines to triangles. Got older kids? You might find an unused karaoke machine or microphone perfect for band practice … check Mercari Local to have them delivered last minute if you need them for a big gig.

6. Building blocks and more

Those tiny building blocks don’t necessarily come with a tiny price tag. You don’t have to pay retail prices! Preloved building sets are perfect for encouraging up-and-coming architects to create the thriving metropolis of their dreams, while saving you some money. And, inspire even more creative building ideas with small cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks and string.

Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema

Have fun encouraging your kids’ imaginative play and as always, thanks for reading!

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