November 21, 2022
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New – bundle offers are here!

Just in time for the holidays, use bundle offers to save money on multiple listings

Mercari Team

Introducing bundle offers! Now, making an offer on multiple items from individual sellers is a snap with this time-and-money-saving new option available now in the Mercari app. Read on for all the benefits of bundling … plus tips on maximizing your sales with this top-requested feature.

How bundle offers work for shoppers 

It's easier than ever to send an offer on multiple items from a single seller. Just add multiple items from the same seller to your cart, then in your cart, select "bundle items and make offer," and input your offer price. The seller has 24 hours to accept, decline, or counter. If one item in the bundle sells before you’ve received a response on your offer, you can send a revised offer – once an offer or counteroffer is accepted, you’ll immediately be charged that price. You can add up to 10 items in a single bundle offer with a maximum price of $2,000. 

Shopping? Here’s how to make the most of bundles:

How bundles work for sellers 

Shoppers can now initiate an offer on a bundle of multiple items you're selling – now you don't have to create custom bundled listings anymore! You can accept, counter, or decline any bundle offer. If one item in the bundle sells in the meantime, that offer will no longer be valid and the shopper will have to send you a revised offer. 

When buyers save on purchasing multiple items and combined shipping, you can sell more. Listed a track zip-up, matching joggers, and coordinating sneakers? Shoppers may want all three. Got great style? Someone might want all your dresses in their size. Selling individual trading cards or figurines? Now, it’s easier than ever for shoppers to create a “lot” out of your individual listings. 

Tips to maximize sales with bundle offers:

How shipping and returns work for bundles

Shipping for bundle offers is always buyer paid, unless all the items in the bundle are being shipped by the seller on their own. Since shoppers will be able to customize the bundle that they want, buyer-paid shipping will be calculated based on the unique bundle offer that's created and displayed to the buyer when making the offer. Buyer-paid shipping for bundle offers is calculated by combining the maximum weight of each of the items in the bundle, while using the lowest cost shipping carrier in the expected weight class on the Mercari prepaid label. The combined maximum weight of the items may not always equal the actual bundle package weight printed on the Mercari prepaid label, but neither the buyer nor seller will be charged overage charges by Mercari in these cases.

Mercari’s standard prepaid label Shipping Protection up to $200 will still apply to bundles. Sellers: If you have a high value bundle, you may want to purchase extra insurance. Be sure to follow the Mercari Shipping Protection guidelines closely and double-check that your package weight and size are within the allowable limits. 

Partial returns aren’t accepted on bundle offers. If a shopper needs to return an item from a bundle, they’ll need to send back all of the items purchased in order to receive a refund. It’s always a good idea to take a picture when you send or receive a bundle to help recall the items in the package. Learn more about our Refunds and Returns Policy.

Get the app to buy and sell with bundle offers 

We think you’ll enjoy the new bundle offers feature and we’ll always strive to give you a great, easy Mercari experience. Shoppers can only make bundle offers on the Mercari app. Ensure your device and the Mercari app for iOS or Android are updated to get shopping and selling today. For more about bundle offers for buyers and sellers, visit our help center.