April 8, 2022
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Team Mercari’s ultimate spring cleaning playlist

Need a little help kick-starting your decluttering? We’ve rounded up our favorite songs for spring cleaning to help get you pumped for sprucing up your space.

Team Mercari

It’s spring cleaning time! We know getting started can be overwhelming, but whether your aim is to declutter or just tidy up, we always feel the results are worth it. And we’re not alone. In a recent poll, we found 50% of participants strongly agreed it’s important to have a clean, clear space and the majority tidy their space more often now than they did pre-pandemic. Additionally, 60% agreed that spring cleaning is a therapeutic activity and almost 3 out of 4 participants said they feel happier afterward.

Still, we know it’s a big task to tackle. To make it less daunting, we’ve created a spring cleaning playlist to keep you moving (and listing). With help from some fellow Mercari employees, we’ve curated a list of favorites … so come meet some of the team, and hear how music gets them in their own words motivated to make space for spring.

Blake, Senior Creative Operations Manager

"I’m from Buffalo, NY where the winters are long, cold, and dark. So I selected songs that make me want to cruise backcountry roads when the ice has melted or dance tango or salsa … after I’m done cleaning, of course."

Ernesto, Design Director
"From 1950s mambo to 90s Brit pop rock and Argentinian reggae, these are some of my favorite danceable songs. The high energy and memorable hooks with these tunes definitely keep me moving when I’m taking on a big home project."

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Briana, Senior Copywriter
"I have Mexican roots, so I literally can’t clean without listening to Mariachi music. That and a little funk, classic country, and grunge (I’m an 80s baby) is just the mood-boost I need to keep moving and stay motivated. Before I know it, I’m done!"

Gina, Senior Editor
“I hate cleaning, so one way I ‘trick’ my brain into thinking this task is FUN is to sing while I work. So, I crank up the 80s pop and my favorite showtunes and belt it out while I clean, much to my teen son’s chagrin.”

Get the playlist here.

We hope our playlist motivates you! When you’re ready to list the stuff you no longer need, head on over to the marketplace.

Team Mercari