August 8, 2022
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5 in-demand items for sports fans (and tips to help sell them)

Check your garage and closets – sports cards, jerseys, and other memorabilia are in demand on Mercari. Here’s a look at what’s trending, and how to help get it sold.

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From men’s basketball to women’s soccer, sports are having a moment. The South Africa men’s national soccer team recently qualified for the FIFA World Cup, the first time in 8 years. The World Championships for track and field just took place. And, of course, football season is upon us!

With sports top of mind for so many, it’s no surprise that athletic apparel and sports memorabilia are trending on Mercari – shoppers are looking for everything from Russell Wilson jerseys to vintage trading cards (one Mercari employee recently discovered rookie Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cards hiding in a box in their garage!). Now’s a great time to check your closets, garages and storage spaces – here’s 5 in-demand items for sports fans, and tips to help get your stuff seen and sold.

1.  Apparel with vintage logos 

If you haven’t heard, nostalgic items are trending! List those t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts and hats with vintage or retired logos. 

2.  All star athlete jerseys during their iconic years

Ultimate fans and fashionistas alike are on the lookout for their top player’s jerseys from the height of their career. Not sure what yours might be worth? Check the sold listings on Mercari, and read up on high-value jerseys

3.  Plain jerseys and t-shirts
Unmarked apparel (team-specific, but without a player’s number or name) appeals to a broader fan audience. Both die-hard and new fans are bound to love a jersey they can wear for years to come.

4.  Sports card bundles
New collectors go crazy over sports card bundles. If you don’t want to take the time to sell individual cards and are ready to find a new home for your collection, list your box or binder of sports cards as a bundle and make a shopper's day. 

5.  Sports memorabilia
Big fans always appreciate specialty items that represent their team or favorite athlete. List items like gloves, balls, figurines – authenticated autographed items are especially in demand, but even if you’ve got a popular player’s jersey without their autograph, it’s likely to snag a buyer (Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Tom Brady are always popular). And with the recent NBA draft, rookie cards for draftees will likely be sought after, too.

Now that you know what’s in demand, here's 3 tips to help get your sports items seen and sold:

1. Take clear, well-lit pictures. Great pictures are always important and especially to collectors and sports fans. Be sure to take clear, well-lit pictures of your item on a plain background, and include close-up photos of any details or defects shoppers should see, like bent edges of sports cards or snags on a jersey.

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2. Accurately list details. Help buyers find your specific item by including all of the relevant details and keywords. Make sure you spell the player’s name correctly, and include details like the year the item was originally sold. 

3. Describe the condition fairly. Accurately list the condition of the item, especially if it’s vintage or preloved. Again, photos are key here – most shoppers don’t mind a little wear, and people appreciate when sellers are transparent.

Ready to find a new home for that jersey you never wear and the box of cards in storage?  Head on over to the Mercari marketplace and get it listed!