April 19, 2022
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8 Mercari finds that give us serious nostalgia

I love all things 80s and 90s. From music to toys … games to clothes, nothing gives me that dopamine rush like finding long-forgotten things I once had – or desperately wanted – in my youth. So I went on a little online treasure hunt and dug up 8 incredible finds on Mercari that gave me serious nostalgia. Did you have any of these?

Team Mercari

1. Sea Wees

With their foam lily pads, babies, pets and combs, these tiny dolls reigned supreme in summertime in the backyard inflatable pool. I definitely never had the blue-haired one … and now I want her. Pool or no pool!

2. Cassette Tapes

Pretty sure I had every single one of these cassette tapes. Remember the days of listening to the radio, blank tape in the boom box, just WAITING for the moment for a specific song to come on … and smashing that record button?  Or making “The Ultimate MIx Tape Volume 42,” requiring a tape-flip? 

3. Walkman

Boom boxes were all the rage, but a bit cumbersome for tunes on the go. Enter the portable cassette player. Some even had fancy features like Auto-Rewind, so you could listen on repeat without the overwhelming extra step of pressing a button. 

4. Trapper Keeper

There was nothing like back-to-school shopping in the 80s. Scented pencil holders to keep you from getting the dreaded blister, colorful scissors, gummy erasers … and this classic binder to help keep everything organized. I had one with a rainbow and hearts, but this gumball-themed one is going on my must-get list.

5. Choose Your Own Adventure Books

We used to have Reading Week in elementary school. The principal would come over the loudspeaker and play a xylophone, indicating it was time to stop whatever you were doing, and open a book for 15 minutes. I got so lost in one of these nostalgic adventure books that my teacher gave me an award for “most quiet reader.” Simpler times, simpler times.

6. Strawberry Shortcake Glassware

Ah, these bring back memories of my childhood kitchen in its avocado-and-orange colored glory. Definitely need these adorable character glasses in my current kitchen, too. Total throwback.

7. My Little Pony Lunchbox

I definitely didn’t have this My Little Pony lunchbox … I remember coveting the one my classmate had, though. You can find all sorts of amazing 80s lunchboxes on Mercari … featuring all sorts of iconic characters from your childhood! 

8. Mini Erasers

Just LOOKING at these vintage erasers brings me right back … I can practically smell them! My neighbors and I would spend hours outside in our yards, trading them. What I’d give to have that collection back!

Did any of these finds bring back memories for you? Head over to the marketplace and do some nostalgic treasure-seeking of your own!

Happy hunting,

Team Mercari

Main photo credit: Volodymyr Hryshchenko