June 1, 2022
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5 items to make family road trips way easier

Hitting the road this summer? These items should be at the top of your list. The best part – you can get them on Mercari without blowing your travel budget.

Team Mercari

Sometimes it’s not about the destination but the journey. When that journey includes packing your little ones into a car for hours (or days) on end, being as prepared as possible is the name of the game. Between keeping kids occupied, making the most of the sights, and managing the 112th “are we there yet?”, let’s just say it can be a lot, so we’ve rounded up some must-haves that can make fun family road trips less stressful, and – bonus – keep your budget intact.

1. Magnetic travel games

One of the best tips for family road trips I ever got was to stock up on as many travel games as possible, particularly ones with magnetic pieces to save you from searching under seats (and keep the accompanying kid tears at bay). Plus, chess is trending right now – a great way to keep two kids entertained in the backseat. Not sure how to teach ‘em? Head here for easy instructions.

2. Travel tray

Another ingenious product to keep everything from crayons to snacks from rolling away is a simple travel tray. It can make eating on the go a little less messy, and many are easy to clean with just a wet wipe. 

3. Backseat organizer

Constantly turning around to hand things to your kids, otherwise known as car yoga, can get old fast. Keep everything they need within reach with a multiple-compartment organizer that attaches to the back of your seat. They can easily see and access everything they need, and you can save the yoga moves for the beach.

4. Seatbelt pillow

It isn’t just a cute little road trip buddy. This “pillow” attaches to their seatbelt to make road trip napping more comfortable for those extra finicky travelers. The last thing we want is a major case of the crankies after skipping a snooze.

5. Travel potty seat

Rest stops are lifesavers on the road, but keeping things sanitary (and sized-right for the littles) can be a challenge. A foldable, easy-to-carry potty seat makes bathroom breaks a breeze. 

6. Noise canceling headphones

This is for big kids and adult passengers alike. Family travel is a noisy business and headphones like this will help you block out the chaos and settle in with some tunes or a podcast.

7. Headrest tablet mount

Long car trips can equal a lot of time looking down at screens and strained necks for your passengers. Add a dose of ergonomic innovation with a tablet stand that mounts in the back of your headrest for easy viewing.

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Happy shopping!

Main image credit: Viktorcvetkovic