April 5, 2022
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7 savings-stretching ideas for your spring shopping list

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s what to buy in spring to keep that budget intact.

Team Mercari

You might not be thinking about buying cold weather gear and holiday gifts just yet, but according to a recent Mercari survey, 3 out of 4 people are spring cleaning this season – clearing their spaces of all sorts of things. And that means now’s a great time to shop for non-seasonal deals! We’ve rounded up 7 items you might not normally add to your spring online shopping list that could help keep your budget intact, year-round.

Mens dress clothes

You may not be thinking of buying a suit, blazer, or sport coat while temperatures outside are starting to sizzle. But don’t forget that the formal season will be here before you know it, from weddings to holiday parties. Stock up now to up your style game while staying on budget.


While most parents are on the hunt for outdoor gear and water toys to keep their little ones entertained, never forget the power of plushies to bring joy to those little faces. Stuffed animals and plush toys tend to peak in demand during the colder months, so score them now at great prices.

Plush animals on a hardwood floor / Karolina Grabowska


The season for curling up with a good book and hot chocolate by candlelight will be here faster than you think. And if you’re a sucker for scented candles (or just pretty ones), now is the time to shop.

Two hands holding a lit candle / The Vibrant Machine

Handmade needlecraft

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind for spring home decor but you can find so many lovely needlepoint items – knitting to crochet – at equally lovely prices. You can even shop ahead for styles to update your home for the holiday season.

Shipping supplies

Another holiday shopping staple is shipping supplies. If you normally send your gifts via mail, it’s a great idea to get what you need now while prices are primo. And if you happen to list items on Mercari, you’ll be prepared to ship as soon as you make a sale.


With so many people listing baby gear like strollers on Mercari, competition is high and prices are low. It’s the perfect time to prepare for a baby’s arrival or maybe upgrade to that dream model you’ve been eyeing. Don’t forget – you can shop Mercari Local for quick delivery right to your door.

Woman taking picture of stroller / Mercari

Kitchen serveware

While the majority of your entertaining may be currently outdoors, the weather will change sooner than you think. Get prepared to take the party inside with serveware worthy of your culinary creations and holiday gatherings. Fragile items like these are also great to buy on Mercari Local.

Got more questions on what to buy in spring? Send us a tweet at @mercari_app and we’ll do our best to help!