July 7, 2022
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9 money-saving back-to-school finds for elementary students

When it comes to finding the best online deals on back-to-school gear, preloved is where it’s at. Here are our favorite finds for elementary school students, which you can score right here at Mercari.

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If you find yourself scouring for deals on back to school staples, we don’t blame you. Last year, American families planned to spend an average of almost $850 per household on everything their students needed. That’s a pretty steep price tag for school supplies your kids will only use for a short time. And while couponing and deal hunting across multiple stores is time consuming, snagging bargains on preloved school supplies with Mercari takes just minutes – and you can even use Zip to purchase supplies now, and pay over time.

To level up your back-to-school shopping and saving, we’ve rounded up 9 finds for pre-K and elementary school students that will engage them all year long.

1. Educational tablet

Set your littlest learners up for success beyond the classroom with a fun, interactive tablet that keeps them engaged. A like-new one is a steal compared to retail.

Don’t forget to save big on laptops and tablets for all grade levels.

2. Routine cards

Preparing young students for their first big day of school isn’t just about giving them what they need for the classroom. As mornings will become more hectic, adding structure with routine cards like these will help them put their best foot forward for a full day of learning. You and your kids can find fun and inexpensive ways to display these, like in a clear pocket organizer or strung on a piece of yarn with binder clips.

3. Dry erase pockets

If your child needs a boost in memorizing new concepts in math, grammar, and beyond, these dry erase sleeves are a less wasteful alternative to paper and flash cards – your little ones can simply erase their mistakes, give it another go, and reuse. Plus, kids love dry erase markers. It’s a fact.

Shop pencil cases, backpacks, planners, and lunch bags for back to school.

4. Fidget toys

Busy bodies sometimes need a little help redirecting their energy in order to absorb all this new information. Trust me when I say that fidgets are game changing in their ability to help kids focus while keeping little hands occupied.

5. STEM toys 

Learning toys specializing in science, technology, engineering, and math are invaluable resources for young children, taking complex ideas and making them actually fun. Find out what they are interested in most – from chemistry kits to rocket-building, chances are, there is a STEM activity set to match.

Looking for more electronics for kids? Start here

6. Pencil grips

For students still developing fine motor skills or struggling with penmanship, pencil grips are a must. Just make sure you have more than one on hand – as we all know little kids are masters at losing small objects.

Don’t forget crayons, washable markers, and color pencils.

7. Water bottle

Many teachers explicitly have water bottles on their supply list for parents. My little one really loves a bottle that can keep their water cool all day long like this thermal bottle. Find one that suits their style for a steal at Mercari.

8. Kids desk chair

Creating a work space your kid looks forward to using can help take the battles out of homework time. Short on time? Try searching Mercari Local to get items like this sparkly chair or a cool kids desk with as soon as same-day delivery.

9. Cute desk lamp

Speaking of homework, they can’t work on what they can’t see so don’t forget a desk lamp. I love this one shaped like a fox, particularly for my little animal lover. 

We know back-to-school is a lot of homework, but we hope these ideas help make it easier to get your kids ready for the return. As fellow parents, we salute you!

Main image credit: Kalinovskiy

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