July 26, 2022
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College student must-haves with great back-to-school deals

Before you start shopping to send them off to the dorms in style, take a look at some must-haves you can score with Mercari for less.

Team Mercari

Whether they’re returning to the dorms or gearing up for freshman year, your college kid’s gonna need stuff for school, and that can be expensive. Mercari’s got everything from the essentials (like laptops and headphones) to unique finds for dorm decor, and when you shop preloved, you can score serious deals. Start with these nine ideas for budget-friendly finds to help them gear up for campus life.

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1. Computer monitor

While most college students work primarily on laptops, a monitor can be much easier to work on. Not only is it great for multitasking projects, it’s easier on their eyes and neck for long periods of clacking away at the keyboard.

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2. Mini coffee maker

As important as sleep is, we also know that sometimes we run on little of it, especially on deadlines for major projects. Coffee is undoubtedly a college kid’s best friend sometimes. Your student will also likely be on a budget and those morning lattes definitely add up. Help them save some coin with a mini coffee maker they can easily fit into any cramped dorm space.

3. Wireless earbuds

Really, who doesn’t need a good pair of wireless earbuds? When buying them for kids and young adults, going preloved is always a great idea since, let’s face it, items this small are easy to lose, and can be expensive to replace.

4. Mini fridge

A mini fridge can be a dorm room’s best friend, and save students a few trips to the dining hall or vending machine so they can stay focused on their studies.

5. Lumbar chair pillow

Exams and term papers call for long nights in front of the computer. Remind your college kid that they’re never too young to invest in an ergonomic workspace with a lumbar pillow for their desk chair. The last thing they need is back pain holding them back.

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6. Phone-charging desk lamp

Furnishing a dorm room is all about maximizing a small space. Multi-tasking gadgets like a desk lamp that charges their phone help declutter a side table or desk. 

7. The adult laptop bag

Your baby is one step closer to adulting after all. Make them feel like the go-getter they strive to be with a leather laptop bag, perfect for carrying across campus. You can find authenticated designer gems like this luxurious mens bag on Mercari right now.

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8. White noise machine

There are few things more crucial for academic success than getting good sleep. A white noise machine will definitely help, especially if your student is sleeping in a new room for the first time.

9. Handheld vacuum

Unfortunately, most dorm rooms don’t include maid service so your student will actually have to clean up after themselves (scary, I know). Help make that a little easier and save limited dorm room space with a small handheld vacuum. And remind them that ants happen, so stay on top of the crumbs. 

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