July 19, 2022
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Save on these back-to-school finds for middle and high schoolers

Set them up for a new semester with must-have tech and stylish accessories to match. Let’s get you started with nine finds you can score on for less on Mercari.

Team Mercari

It’s time to kick off back-to-school shopping for the big kids. These 9 fun secondhand finds might take some of the sting out of going back to class (and save you some money).

1. The do-it-all-binder

Managing multiple classes is a lot. Finding a binder that can easily organize their work is a must. And because kids can be hard on their everyday supplies, you might even be able to score more than one gently loved binder for the price of a brand-new one. We also love a cool, colorful graphic design (who doesn’t?).

2. Touch screen laptop

Combine the power of a laptop and the functionality of a tablet with a touch screen laptop like this one. Not only will it make homework easier, it’s also a great tool for budding artists or any student who wants to explore their creative side. And, to stretch your budget further, you can snag a laptop now and pay over time with Zip.

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3. Pencil pouch

Avoid the “I can’t find anything to write with” conversation that inevitably results from pencils floating inside a giant backpack – set them up for success with a handy pouch to contain everything from highlighters to sharpeners. Plus, we never miss an opportunity to accessorize and a super cute pencil pouch is a definite conversation starter.

4. Colorful keyboard

Anything to make essay writing a little more fun is a sound investment in our book. These vibrant keyboards are the definition of style meets substance. You can even find really cool retro keyboards that make that satisfying ASMR clicking sound, too.

5. Academic planner 

Help them keep those due dates, after-school activity schedules, and other important info all in one place with an academic planner. It’s also great practice for managing their own schedules (otherwise known as adulting).

6. Graphing calculator

You’ll find a graphing calculator on most high school supply lists, but buying new can be pricey. Mercari has plenty of options – including new in package – that’ll be friendlier on your budget than retail. 

7. Designer backpack

Now, we’re not suggesting that all big kids need a designer backpack. Buuut, if you’re looking for a way to treat them for all those summer chores they finished, Mercari is the place to look for name brands that won’t break the bank. Look for Authenticated listings to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

8. Portable phone charger

Now that they’ll be on campus for most of their day, opportunities to charge devices may be few and far between. Give them peace of mind and keep them connected with a portable charger. Now they won’t have to pester their science teacher to use a classroom outlet.

9. Wireless mouse

Anything to get them a bit more motivated to write an essay or research paper, am I right? This wireless mouse doesn’t just look cool, it’s a gamer favorite.

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As fellow parents, we know how much the right gear can make all the difference as our young adults dive back into school. We hope these tips help, and don't forget if you’re pressed for time, search Mercari Local for all your back-to-school needs to score faster delivery.

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