January 12, 2023
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6 surprising things you can sell on Mercari

Think you don’t have anything worth selling? Think again. Read on for little-known things people actually want (and that most of us have around the house) that you can sell on Mercari.

Team Mercari

Looking to make some extra money in the new year? Selling things you no longer need is not only a great way to clear your space and make room for yourself, but it’s something really anyone can do, right from home. But if you’re looking around the house for things to sell and coming up empty, think again. Here are 6 surprising things that people commonly have in their homes that you can totally sell on Mercari.

  1. Plants. Did you go from green thumb to dense jungle? Or maybe you’re gifted at propagating succulents. If you’ve ended up with more plants than you can care for, why not find new homes for some? If you’re worried about shipping live plants, you can select Mercari Local and we’ll send someone to pick them up and deliver them to your buyer’s doorstep if they meet the delivery requirements. Or use our easy shipping tool – it’ll tell you what packing materials to use, so your plant arrives safely at its new home.
  2. Makeup. Yep, people buy gently used makeup and skincare – that stuff can be expensive at retail! Got an eyeshadow palette you only used a few times? Tried a foundation and the color wasn’t right? Now’s a great time to go through your makeup bags and bathroom drawers, collect anything with life left, and list it! If you list a bunch of makeup or skincare items individually, put a note in your description that encourages people to check your other listings and create a bundle in the Mercari app.
  3. Cords. Got a drawer full of extra charging cords, extension cords, and HDMI cables you don’t need? Clear it out and list ‘em as a ‘lot.’ Or, list multiple cords of the same type, together. People are looking for ways to save on just about everything, and that definitely includes electronic must-haves.
  4. Pet stuff. Everything from litter boxes to fish tanks to leashes. Plenty of people brought home new pets for the new year and they’re looking for deals on just about everything they’ll need. So before you toss that scratching post or set of toys that Mr. Purrypants didn’t like, why not list it and earn a little instead? Just be sure to keep your descriptions clear if anything has been used, opened, or might need a bit of cleaning.
  5. Heavy, bulky items. If you got new fitness equipment recently and now your old set of dumbbells is collecting dust, you can sell them on Mercari Local and skip the shipping. Got an extra air fryer, a kid’s bike, or a big holiday inflatable you no longer love? So long as your item is under 50 pounds and can fit into the trunk of a car, it qualifies for local selling – your item gets picked up and delivered right to your buyer’s doorstep. 
  6. Samples. Maybe you’ve got a monthly beauty subscription service and have collected a stash of perfume samples you tried and didn’t like, or just never wore. Don’t toss them, sell them! People like to try out new scents, and this is an inexpensive way to test a bunch. If you’ve got other small samples you’ve never used (or gently used), like nail polish, makeup, or skincare, consider adding those to the listing, too.

Just about everyone has SOMEthing taking up space in their home that someone else would appreciate, and you can sell just about anything on Mercari – listing takes just seconds! New here? Check out our blog on how to get started selling (hint: it’s simple). 

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