June 14, 2022
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Tips & tricks for selling preloved toys

Free up space and make a shopper’s day

Team Mercari

Something special happens when the right toy makes it to the right hands. And “right” doesn’t mean new. Whether you have toys taking up space in a closet or ones that your kids have recently outgrown, parents and collectors out there are looking for that special find on Mercari – and yours could be it.

We’ve put together some tips on what people are looking for (some might surprise you) and ways you package them to appeal to shoppers. Check them out below, and if you’re looking for inspiration on getting creative with your preloved toy buying, read our article on preloved toys kids will love…without breaking the bank.

1. Building blocks - the more, the merrier

It’s hard for kids to have enough building blocks it seems (imaginations don’t run out). If you haven’t done the best job of keeping your Legos, Duplos, Mega Blocks, or Lincoln Log kits together, no need to worry. Lots of parents are looking for quantity. Sell them as one big box of blocks. If you happen to still have the instruction books, include those too, but you can also download and print them.

2. Save the box

People really like to have the original boxes, especially if you have a toy that could also be a collectible. If you have space, save the original boxes and also the instruction manuals. If you don’t have space for the boxes, you can scrapbook the instructions.

3. Add the accessories

If you have a Barbie doll with all of the accessories for a big day out or a Batman action figure with every single version of a utility belt, combine them for one sale. It will help your listing stand out from the crowd, and make it easier to declutter in one go.

4. Sell the whole box

That whole box of Playmobile figures or My Little Pony mini figurines that's collecting dust on your shelf? Sell them all in one go. People love the option to get a whole group of toys at once. List them and see how fast they go.

5. Broken isn’t necessarily bad
If you’re missing a piece, a wheel, or an action figure’s arm, try listing it. You may be surprised. Some people are looking for that one no-longer-produced piece to complete their collection – even if it’s not perfect. Or they might want to repair one of theirs with a spare part. Or perhaps someone is seeing those broken toys with a new life as part of a large, eccentric art installation.  

As always, thanks for reading, and check out more selling tips in our selling section.

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