August 12, 2022
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Sell with Mercari Local

Planning a garage or moving sale? Here are a few reasons to use Mercari Local.

Team Mercari

Don’t get me wrong – I love garage and yard sales. But there’s no doubt they can come with some moments (especially for my fellow introverts — my heart goes out to you). Here’s how it might go down for me this garage sale season… and, tips on how to supercharge your garage sale (or skip it altogether) by listing your items with Mercari Local.

First, that moment I notice everyone walking on my grass

Oh my elderly millennial urge to yell, “Get off my lawn!” Never mind that I invited all these lovely people to peruse my once treasured possessions. They have the nerve to abide by gravity and not gracefully float about while offering me money? Rude!

Then, watching people touch all my stuff

Coming out of a pandemic can make even the most laid back of us a little germaphobic and nothing triggers that more than realizing people do indeed shop with their hands. Maybe I should have employed a velvet rope around my tables? But chances are, someone would think it's for sale and touch it. Can’t win.

Making small talk with strangers

Again, like many people slowly becoming more social again, I have definitely forgotten how to “people.” Was I ever really charming, funny, or interesting to begin with? Why am I sweating so much? What did they just say while I was thinking about sweating? I need a nap. 

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Negotiating offers

“Yes, I understand my nearly-mint condition copy of Prince’s self-titled vinyl has a slight bend in the corner of the cover, but the price is firm,” is not a sentence I think I can say in person with a smile. (If I listed it on Mercari, I could counteroffer or decline the offer without subjecting a literal stranger to my music snobbery-induced rage.)

Seeing how much stuff I have left

Oh come on. I spent a whole gorgeous Saturday outdoors. Talking to people. Smiling. And I still have all this left to bring back into my house?! This is egregious. But that’s just the annoying part. The stares from your neighbors watching you pack it all in and put it all back. 

Realizing I just had a tantrum for no reason

There is a solution! Thank goodness I can snap a few pictures and, with a few taps and swipes on the Mercari app, I can list all this stuff. As the Likes come in, I can extend Offers easily and adjust my prices to attract more shoppers.

Realizing I can ditch the shipping with Mercari Local

Not only can I reach even more local shoppers, I can potentially skip the extra packaging, get my item picked up, and have it delivered faster (which means I can get paid faster, too). That big pile of leftover stuff is now no big deal. And, not having to lug my old microwave out to the driveway? Yes, please.

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We wish you a fun and fruitful garage sale season. Just remember – Mercari Local is here to help with some of the heavy lifting.