August 3, 2022
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Getting started: How to sell things online with Mercari

Never tried listing on Mercari? If you’re intimidated by the process – or just don’t know where to start – we’ve got you covered, and it’s quicker and easier than you might think. Here’s what you need to get started and kick off your sales easily.

Team Mercari

Got clutter? If you're here to find new homes for your preloved items, you're in the right place... there are 23.6 billion unused items in American households according to the Mercari Reuse Report, and that's a lot of stuff that has a chance at a new life. If you’re ready to turn unwanted items into a little extra cha-ching, here’s a quick-start guide to listing your first item on Mercari.

Set up your account

If you’re using a computer or laptop to sign up for Mercari, keep your phone handy, too – you’ll be asked to verify your phone number with a code. Mercari does this in order to confirm that you’re you, and to assist with account recovery, should you need it. And don’t worry, there are no follow-up calls once you’ve been verified (because that’s annoying). 

Download the Mercari app

Not only does the Mercari app make listing easier,  you can set up your profile in just a few taps. Go to Profile at the bottom right of the screen, then Settings at the bottom. Tap Edit Profile if you want to add a picture of yourself, change your username, or provide a quick introduction so buyers can get to know you better.

Round up some packing materials

Don’t wait until your first sale to run to the store for shipping supplies (trust me, it pays to be prepared and your future self will thank you). First, determine what kinds of shipping boxes, bags, etc you’ll need for the items you intend to sell. This handy tool will help you find the best option for virtually any item. Here’s a general checklist of supplies you should have handy (and if you don’t, check your neighborhood Buy Nothing groups online – you might be surprised what people are happy to give away for free):


Notice a printer and ink aren’t on this list. If you have them, great! If not, you can easily ship with a QR code. Learn more about that here.

Shop shipping supplies on Mercari here.

Go treasure hunting (AKA Decluttering)

Now that your Mercari account is set up, pick a room and find a few items you’d like to list first. It really helps to round up a few items at once, so you have a batch to start. This also personally helps me build momentum when it comes to listing. Check to be sure your items are suitable for selling on Mercari, and make an honest assessment of their condition. New (with or without tags) and like-new items are likely to make you the most money, but that doesn’t mean lightly used or even damaged items won’t sell, especially if they are rare or vintage. When in doubt, try searching for similar items on Mercari, paying attention to sold items to see what’s in demand.

Need help kickstarting your decluttering project? Check out these tips on our blog.

Set a listing schedule

Creating listings takes just minutes, but if you struggle with motivation, try setting a schedule for yourself. Just 15 minutes a day or an hour a week can make a huge difference when it comes to getting things sold.. Find a time that works for you and set a calendar reminder to keep you organized and motivated.

Hopefully these tips take some of the scariness out of getting started selling with Mercari. Stay tuned for more tips on how to become a star seller while you create extra space in your home (and maybe put some extra coin in your pocket).

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